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Hi, I’m Peter, a music producer, sound designer and a studio/live mixing engineer. I’m also a musician – founder of a post-rock project Shadow Universe

In the last few years, I have worked with many diverse artists, ranging from extreme metal, neo-classical to acoustic folk. I have produced, recorded and mixed music, toured across Europe, mixed plenty of festival and club gigs, live stream concerts, as well as TV shows. 

When producing, I usually don’t like to set the limits to fit a specific genre, but rather search for new ways, experiment, create new sounds and shape the music in the most fitting way to serve the message and the idea behind the music. I like to think of a song or an album as a world, where listener can escape to from reality. I like to create worlds. 

As a live F.O.H. sound engineer, i strive to keep the quality and details from the studio, also when music is performed live on stage.

I’m available as a producer and engineer for a complete music production, or just for any part of it. I would also be very excited to do some sound design for your music. It can be synths, orchestras, weird noises, percussion, you name it! You can hire me to mix your live gigs and even design an album artwork or a lyric video.

Open for bookings.

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