LIVE FOH Engineer • Music Producer


Hi, I’m Peter,

a freelance sound engineer, based in Slovenia, Europe. I work as a Live Front of House engineer and as a Music Producer / Recording / Mixing Engineer. I’m also a musician – founder of post-rock project Shadow Universe.

In 10+ years of experience, I have worked with many diverse artists, across many genres such as extreme metal, neo-classical, acoustic folk, pop and jazz.

have produced, recorded and mixed plenty of music albums, toured across Europe, mixed lots of festival and club gigs, live stream concerts, as well as TV shows. 

I’m available as a live FOH engineer, producer for a complete music production, or just for any part of it. I would also be very excited to do some sound design for your music. It can be synths, orchestras, weird noises, percussion, you name it!

Occasionally i design some album artworks and lyric videos as well. 

Open for bookings.


Artists and projects I currently work with / have worked for Live:

Selected Venues and Festivals i have mixed at:

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